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With Fun With Fitness, we work one-on-one with children from 2 1/2 to 17 achieve their fitness goals. Some children want to excel in sports, others may have a desire for personal fitness or maybe just to trim up some left over baby Fat. We tailor your fitness training to incorporate FUN and your customized goals. You are entitled to 1 free trial consultation/ session with ZERO OBLIGATION.

Up your level of play against the
competition. Become a better athlete. Win the trophy. Get the scholarship. Our trainers have experience in a wide array of specific sports training. We optimize performance for novice to competitive levels and even tri-athletes.

IS THIS FOR YOU? Yes! Our trainers employ strategies to train Fitness, Sport Skills and maximize the Body Control in children. No matter the skill level, your children will gain HUGE benefits and invaluable training with Fun with Fitness.

  • SPEED: Decrease your time. Speed and reaction time play a critical role in many sports: running, football, soccer and baseball.

  • ENDURANCE: PLAY longer! Outlast the competition! Our endurance program will minimize fatigue and allow a higher level of play.

  • AGILITY: Changing directions. Agility is a huge factor in team sports. Don't hold your team down.

  • VERTICAL JUMP: Add INCHES to your vertical jump and fly further on your distance jump. Our vertical jump program is proven scientifically to give you that extra boost.

  • SWIM LESSONS: Whether you need stroke improvement or learn how to swim safely for your first time try our swim lessons. Learn quickly and comfortably with our invaluable help.

  • SURFING 1 on 1: Learn to surf our local breaks with a lesson in the mechanics of the sport along with the dangers and precautions of the open ocean.

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